Mission Statement

The Northern Arizona Law Enforcement Association ( NALEA )  is not “an employment organization, nor is it a “Fraternal Organization.” These points are important as they help to define what the purpose of the NALEA is and what it is not. To be more precise, the NALEA is what is commonly referred to as a “Trade” or “Professional” organization. As such, the NALEA represents a group of like-minded individual and autonomous law enforcement employee groups. These individual employee groups, who may or may not be officially sanctioned to do so, have the primary responsibility of representing their individual members on issues relating to wages, discipline, working conditions, benefits, employee rights and other similar issues that are commonly involved in the employee / employer relationship. Finally, the NALEA recognizes that the employer of the individual officer member is responsible for providing each officer with adequate scope-of-employment legal protection and representation. In those instances when the employer refuses to provide adequate legal scope-of-employment representation, the NALEA is committed to maintaining an optional low-cost legal safety net. This scope-of-employment safety net, combined with the equally low-cost, broad-spectrum legal services provided by the law firm of Michael Napier P.C., one of the most experienced police labor law attorneys in the state of Arizona, will insure that none of our members will ever find themselves defenseless when they need assistance the most. We are an organization of local law enforcement officers helping local law enforcement officers.